What’s New: March 4th, 2021

Hawkes has released a few updates to improve your experience! Read on to learn more.

LMS Sync Tool-Show 100 Assignments

The LMS Sync Tool now shows the first 100 assignments and students when syncing grades, up from 40, with the option to Show All if still necessary.

Student Grade Reports-New Status Available

A new lesson status in Detailed Student Grades denotes students who have received credit for a lesson from a Diagnostic Test.

Learn more about Diagnostic Tests.

WebTest Objective Report-Deactivated Status

When using the WebTest Objective Report, you can now distinguish between students whose codes are deactivated when using the student filter.

Learn more about WebTest Objective Reports.

Edit Scores-Link Back to All Student Scores Report

For smoother navigation, if you access the Edit Scores page through All Student Scores Report, you will now find a link to bring you back to the report. Once back on the All Student Scores Report, you will need to rerun the report to retrieve data.

Instructor Resources

  • 4 data sets added to statistics companion site for Discovering Business Statistics
  • English companion site created
  • 20 lesson-level PowerPoints added to Macroeconomics
  • Zip files containing all Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, & Psychology PowerPoints have been created for easier access

Questions? Contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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