2021 Innovative Educators Virtual Summit

Please view the presentations from each session of the Innovative Educators Summit below.

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Addressing Faculty Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma: Recover, Renew, and Rewire | Website [No Recording]
—Dr. Janet N. Zadina, President of Brain Research and Instruction, Co-Founder of The Butterfly Project, Keynote Speaker

Nelson Lauver: Who Am I? | Keynote Recording | Q&A Recording
—Nelson Lauver, Keynote Speaker

Stress: How to actually manage the most powerful emotion | Recording
—Maryellen Dance, Quantum Leap Therapy, Keynote Speaker

Hawkes Sessions

Customizing Hawkes Courses for Any Environment | Recording
—Taylor Ireland, Hawkes Learning

Digital Learning: A Constructive Approach to Reaching Today’s Psychology Student | Recording
—Cory Eno, Hawkes Learning

Discovering Statistics and Data | Recording
—Taylor Ireland, Hawkes Learning

Economics Software Demonstration | Recording
—Sydney Smith, Hawkes Learning

English Software Demonstration | Recording
—Sydney Smith, Hawkes Learning

Mathematics Software Demonstration | Recording
—Kathryn Schaefer, Hawkes Learning

Psychology Software Demonstration | Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning

Strengthening Connections through Real-World Applications in English Composition | Recording
—Sarah Quinn, Hawkes Learning

Virtual Courses Require Mastery-Based Solutions | Recording
—Laura Shevlin, Hawkes Learning


A College Algebra Success Story | Recording
—Dr. John Taylor, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

Beyond the Boxes: Not just “Boys and Girls” | Recording
—Dr. Trisha Prunty, Lindenwood University

Bridging the Gap: Corequisite Mathematics at Navarro College | Recording
— Amy Young, Navarro College and Brandon Ford, a Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor, Navarro College

Building Confidence in the Economics Classroom during the Pandemic | Recording
—Dr. Ying Zhen, Wesleyan College

Communication and Organization – Keys to Online Learning | Recording
—Dr. Jason Caudill, King University

Corequisite and Traditional English Composition Courses in a “Live Online” Format | Recording
—Emily Maddox, Rowan College

Creating & Engaging GEEKS | Recording
—Dr. Lane Boyte-Eckis, Troy University

Delivery Retention: Is Your Course Content Digestible? | Recording
—Kristin White & Chrystal Trapani, Old Dominion University

Ensure Integrity in Online Courses | Recording | Slidedeck
—Dr. Arunachalam (Chalam) Narayanan, University of North Texas

Equitable & Enjoyable Online Instruction: tips, tricks & hacks | Recording
—T.L. Brink, Crafton Hills College

Experiments: Student Achievement, Engagement and Diversity in the Economics Classroom | Recording | Slidedeck
—Dr. Tisha Emerson, Baylor University

Flipped Classrooms: Two Sides of the Coin | Recording
—Kymberli Barker, Ph.D., Central Carolina Community College

Human Cannonballs and Evil Geniuses: Boosting Performance in Online Discussions | Recording
—Tami Tacker M.S., Purdue Global; and Lea Rosenberry M.A. Ed., Penn State

Innovative Media to Enliven Student Presentations| Recording
—Amanda Hill, St. Mary’s University

Integrating Math Study Skills and Leaning into Virtual Courses | Recording
—Paul Nolting, Ph.D.

Integrity in STEM Online Testing | Recording
—Dr. Joy Beverly, University of Miami

Is This a Game Show or My Online Class? | Recording
—Tami Tacker M.S., Purdue Global; and Lea Rosenberry M.A. Ed., Penn State

Keeping Online Students Engaged | Recording | Slidedeck
—Dr. Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University

Learning by Doing, Incentive Alignment, and Low-Stress Grading | Recording | Slidedeck
—Dr. Stefani Milovanska-Farrington, University of Tampa

Liberate to Educate! Creating a free-flowing, face-to-face learning experience during a pandemic | Recording
—David Chaplin, Northwest Nazarene University

Making Sure the Students Learn before They Take the Exam in Principles of Micro | Recording
—Gabriel Xavier Martinez, Ave Maria University

Neurotransmitters and Communication Between Neurons | Recording
—Dr. Laurie Slifka Bakers, Keiser University

Online Group Work for Math Students | Recording
—Jon Anderson & Max Aeschbacher, Utah Valley University

Power Reading and Writing | Recording
—Mike Thompson, North Iowa Area Community College

Rguroo: Introducing a Web-Based Statistical Software for Teaching Your Statistics Courses | Recording | Slidedeck
—Dr. Mori Jamshidian, California State University, Fullerton

Strategies for Orchestrating a Comprehensive Math Learning Center When Using Online and Hybrid Formats | Recording | Slidedeck
—Kelly Coultas & Tyler Price, University of Louisville

Stress Less: Addressing Burnout All While Handling the Paperload in an Online Setting | Recording
—Nicole Wilson, Bowie State University

Student Engagement in Remote Learning: Note taking for quant heavy classes | Recording
—Anisha Nyatee, Endicott College

Teaching HyFlex Math … Providing Students with more options | Recording
—Dr. Latrice Bowman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

The Five Ws of Math Corequisites | Recording
—Emily Carpenter, Seminole State, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

The Innovative Moment: How to Start Using Mindful Writing in the Classroom | Recording
—Alexandria Peary, MFA, MFA, Ph.D., and New Hampshire Poet Laureate

The Need for Speed: Understanding How and Why We Use Stereotypes | Recording
—Lisa Diehl, University of North Georgia

The Pedagogical Power of Podcasts: Leveraging Pre-Existing Podcasts and the Value of Student-Created Podcasts | Recording | Slidedeck
—Garth Neufeld & Eric Landrum, PsychSessions

Trading Spaces: Designing a Virtual Learning Space | Recording | Slidedeck
—Becki Streett, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Turning Baggage Into Luggage | Recording | Slidedeck
—Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

Using Breakout Fun! to enhance your in person or virtual classes | Recording | Slidedeck
—Daniel Holbrook, Emmanuel College