98 New Questions Added to Macroeconomics

Just in time for spring term, we have released 98 new questions available across 18 lessons in our Principles of Macroeconomics software! 

These questions are algorithmically generated with 25-50 iterations of each problem, providing unlimited practice opportunities for students with built in step-by-step tutorials and error-specific feedback for mistakes.

Whether students are completing coursework fully online or using software as a supplement for lectures, Hawkes’ automated homework and testing software helps students to master fundamental economics concepts through video and eBook instruction, personalized practice, and automated assessments.

Explore the software question bank.

Accompanying Guided Notebooks available for additional support for your virtual learners!

These resources provide tactile learning for online students and supplement your courses with features including:

  • Hands-on graphing practice
  • Scenario-based applications
  • Activities that prompt students to connect concepts to their own lives
  • Self-tests to check understanding of key topics

Request a free copy shipped to you for review.

Questions? Email us any time at info@hawkeslearning.com for more information.

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