What’s New: December 17th, 2020

Hawkes is wrapping up the year with a few key updates to improve your experience! Keep reading or watch our video walk through to learn more.

*Added December 29th, 2020
Grade Book > Assignment Reviewer > Review By Question

For online tests, instructors can now review all student answers to a single test question simultaneously.

While the option to review entire tests by student is still available, the new Review By Question functionality provides the option to toggle between all student responses for a specific question without needing to exit and reenter a review for each individual.

When an instructor opens a review for a student, they will see a new student navigation option in the upper right-hand corner. Select Assignment Builder Order and use the arrows to move between students.

Other filters, such as Hide Correct, still apply to review only incorrect responses. If there are multiple attempts from a student, the graded one will be displayed.

Grade Book > Export Grades

A new Export Grades page condenses ‘Settings’ and ‘Student Details’ for an improved user experience and easy-to-use interface. 

Export up to 1000 students directly through the page or receive a report via email if there are more than 1000 students.

Course Administrators can select multiple instructors and multiple sections to export at one time. 

Grade Book > Assignment Reviewer

Assignment Reviewer now allows the option to review and edit scores for students with deactivated temp codes. Deactivated students are noted on the Assignment Results page.

Grade Book > Timeout Window Increase

The overall grade book timeout window has been increased to 60 minutes before automatic log out to provide more flexibility.

We have also made several smaller updates, outlined below:

  • Direct link to instructor single sign-on & student login via website homepage.
  • Default LMS Assignment Sync setting no longer includes Hawkes instructor and section name. Option remains to include this data when syncing assignments if needed.
  • New Instructor Resources added:
    • 18 sets of PPT teaching slides for Foundations of English
    • 75 sets of PPT teaching slides for Macroeconomics
    • Chapter projects for Pathways to Mathematics
  • Statistics companion site updates:
    • New data set for “Die Rolls & Probability” in Beginning Statistics, 3rd Edition
    • Step-by-step Rguroo technology instructions added
  • HawkesTV: 34 lesson-level Macroeconomics videos added

Questions? Contact your Training & Support Specialist any time at training@hawkeslearning.com.

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