Customer Love: The Heart of Hawkes

Hawkes Learning is guided by a sense of support for you, our customers. That’s why our company was founded, and that’s why we’ve taken our commitment a step further by creating our Customer Love Team.

So, what is Customer Love? It’s a mantra—an extension of our promise to provide honest, individualized, and exceptional service to you. The Customer Love Team was created to expand your reach in the classroom by supporting your personalized goals through a thoughtful combination of your ideas and our resources. Whether it’s a request specifically designed for your courseware or a change that has been implemented across all resources, Customer Love is here to respond to your needs. Educators are the heart of our materials; as such, we have a responsibility to listen when you share.

A few customer suggestions that our team has added to improve your Hawkes experience include:

  • Automated testing & homework to streamline assessments
  • The Question Builder tool that allows instructors to create class-specific content that may not be covered in our default materials
  • More robust and expansive questions across math resources
  • Additional questions added to products including Viewing Life Mathematically and Mathematics with Applications in Business and Social Sciences to deliver a more comprehensive learning experience
  • Additional appendix lessons in Pathways to College Mathematics

Meet the Team:

Laura Brown
Manager, Content Support & Solutions

Laura has been with Hawkes for 5 years, in which time she has held several roles. She started as an English content editor, later becoming a manager of new course development for Humanities & Social Sciences, and she is currently the manager of our Content Support & Solutions teams, under which Customer Love falls. Across these roles, Laura has often focused on finding ways for instructors to participate in developing Hawkes’ course materials. Before her time with Hawkes, she spent several years teaching high school English in Philadelphia, PA, as well as COMP I & COMP II as an adjunct instructor at Trident Tech in Charleston, SC.

Sarah Allen
Custom Product Specialist

Sarah began her time at Hawkes as a Content Editor for developmental algebras. After attending AMATYC, she realized her passions lie within direct instructor communication. This prompted her to shift to the Customer Love Team, where she currently helps create custom products for instructors. Sarah holds a BS in Materials Science Engineering and a MAT in Math Education, and prior to Hawkes, she taught for 3 years. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, watching foreign Netflix series with English subtitles, and jiu-jitsu.

Thomas Durst
Internal Support Coordinator

Thomas originally joined Hawkes’ Customer Support Team, eventually moving to Internal IT. Currently, he splits his time between IT and Content Development, supporting Customer Love’s role in addressing custom learn screen requests for math products. He received a BS in Mathematics from the University of South Carolina.

It All Began with Billy

Our founder, Dr. James Hawkes, grew up in rural West Virginia, surrounded on all sides by friends’ and families’ farms. A sense of mutual responsibility and honesty underscored the community, who stepped up for and supported their neighbors whenever they could. One such neighbor was Dr. Hawkes’ cousin Billy, who carried the principles he learned at home into the working world. One day, as he and his coworker Pug stood outside a potential customer’s office discussing their presentation, Pug posed an important question: “What are we going to tell these people? Everyone here today sells the same product as us.” Billy replied, “Yes, but we’re going to love them more.” And that is a promise that Billy delivered, living his neighborly, honest and respectful small-town values in every single customer interaction.

Dr. Hawkes was moved by this story, which Pug recounted to him years later during a chance encounter. It left such an impression on him that when he founded Hawkes Learning in 1979, it was the guiding principle at the heart of the company’s 5 core commitments. Since its inception, Hawkes Learning has strived to show Customer Love through exceptional service, accountability and an earnest drive to consider customers’ evolving needs. In a way, you could say that Hawkes Learning all began with Cousin Billy.

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