What’s New: October 15th, 2020

Hawkes has released several new features and updates to improve you and your students’ experience! Read on to learn more.

Grade Book > WebTests > Assignment Builder – Bonus Questions

Instructors can now add bonus questions to their WebTests. Points for a question designated as “bonus” count towards points earned, but do not count towards points possible. Questions are still randomly ordered by default, unless the entire test order is locked, so each student may receive the bonus question(s) at a different point in the exam. Note that there must be at least one question on the test that is not a bonus.  To count all questions as bonus, instructors should mark the entire WebTest as “bonus” in the General Settings.  Notation for bonus questions has been added throughout Assignment Builder, Assignment Reviewer and Student Tests.

Grade Book > Tools > Manage Sections > Hide Sections

Instructors can now set a section as “Hidden” under Manage Sections. This setting removes the section from all pages in the Grade Book except Manage Sections, Manage Students and Manage LMS Courses. All data and grades are preserved, but inactive sections will no longer interfere with easily identifying current sections when viewing reports or updating assignments/settings. If an instructor sets a section as “Hidden,” it also hides it from students for enrollment, as well as from Grade Book Course Administrators. Course Administrators can unhide any sections as desired.

LMS Sync Tool > Log In with Teach Credentials

Instructors will now log into the LMS Sync Tool using their Hawkes Teach credentials. They will then be able to select from any Grade Books/Instructor Accounts that are linked to their Teach account to associate with their LMS Section. Note that Grade Book Course Administrators can select from all instructor accounts for any Grade Books linked to their Teach account. Instructors will no longer need to enter their Course ID or Grade Book password to link sections to their LMS. 

LMS Sync Tool > Students Tab Hidden by Default

The Student tab in the LMS Sync Tool is now hidden by default to prevent the accidental creation of duplicate student accounts. Students will continue to link themselves when accessing Hawkes through the Single Sign On link or deep links.  Instructors can elect to show this page during the section linking process, but they likely will not need to enable it.

Student Courseware > Practice – Tutor Button Color Updated

The Tutor feature in Hawkes includes helpful tools for students, such as step-by-step walkthroughs, hints, links to Learn, and worked out solutions.  We have updated the color of the Tutor button in Practice to draw students’ attention to this beneficial learning aid.

Student Courseware > Graphing > Dynamic Graphs – Zoom/Pan Functionality

Students can now enable zoom in/out and drag/pan functionality for all Cartesian Graphs in Hawkes. Zoom in/out on area via double click, mouse scroll, Context menu, or keyboard shortcuts when the functionality is enabled. Students can also drag/pan a graph across the screen via click and release or keyboard shortcuts when the functionality is enabled. Draggable graph objects can be moved to any point within the graph regardless of the current zoom level. The graph will auto-pan with the point or object as it is dragged outside of the current viewing area.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Training & Support Specialist at 1-800-426-9538 or training@hawkeslearning.com.

We hope you continue to have a successful fall term!

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