Updates to Hawkes’ Corequisite Beginning Statistics Title

Our fully-overhauled Beginning Statistics + Integrated Review title offers new content and expanded exercise sets to support corequisite learners.

Targeted review topics before each statistics chapter clearly explain how these skills are connected and teach students how to apply them in their statistics courses.

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What’s New in the Guided Notebook:

  • Making Connections: This introduction quickly contextualizes prerequisite skills learned in the coming pages, explaining the content’s relevancy to credit-bearing material.
  • Building Foundations: Core corequisite concepts are taught by asking students to fill in key definitions and formulas, complete video examples, and solve “Now Apply It” exercises.
  • Looking Ahead: This final instructional section shows students how to apply what they’ve just learned by applying it to an example statistics problem.
  • Exercise Sets: Each review topic concludes with pencil-and-paper exercise sets broken into 4 sections: Concepts ChecksPracticeApplications, and Writing & Thinking. These ensure that students can effectively apply corequisite skills in their statistics curriculum.

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Hawkes’ online software for Corequisite 
Beginning Statistics
 provides a complete, fully customizable homework and testing solution that can be bundled with programs including Minitab®, SPSS, JMP, & Rguroo.

Independent learning modules for each topic offer:

  • Multimodal instruction with eBook
  • Unlimited practice
  • Error-specific feedback
  • Step-by-step tutoring
  • Interactive games & simulations
  • Mastery-based homework assignments

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Questions? Feel free to contact us any time at info@hawkeslearning.com and we’ll be glad to help!

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