Helping math learners succeed online with Dr. Paul Nolting

Dr. Paul Nolting, author of Winning at Math,  is an expert in math learning strategies and diagnosing learning deficiencies.  His lifelong passion has been helping mathematics students become stronger learners and working with faculty to incorporate the teaching of study skills in the math classroom. 

As the shift to complete online delivery of courses occurs, students that struggle with mathematics will need resources now more than ever on how to succeed in a math course.  Dr. Nolting has shared some resources for free that you can use to help your math learners!


In this transition to taking courses fully online, math students are facing new challenges.  Understanding their own areas of weakness with regards to study skills will help students become stronger learners.  

Check out the Math Study Skills Evaluation that you can provide to your students for FREE.  The report generated upon completion will provide learning suggestions based on your each individual’s evaluation.


Username:  msse
Password:  seventh

FREE CONTENT: Online Note-Taking Check out this free download that you can share with your students for tips on taking notes in an online math course.  These pages from Winning at Math cover the 7 Step Process to Taking Computer-Based Instruction Notes and highlight the importance of emailing and communicating with you in an online course!

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