5 Free Projects to Promote Mathematical Literacy

Real-world projects from the NEW Pathways to College Mathematics promote active learning and application of essential mathematics. 

Stimulate classroom discussion by using these free samples as group projects!

Download FREE sample projects.

1. Algebraic Pathways: Patterns, Patterns Everywhere! 
Demonstrate the use of mathematical expressions to represent patterns.

2. Algebraic Pathways: What’s Your Car Worth? 
Demonstrate the use of linear models in real life.

3. Geometric Pathways: Staying within Budget? 
Demonstrate the use of geometric concepts in real life.

4. Pathways to Personal Finance: Brand New Ride or Gently Used Classic? 
Investigate the cost of buying a new car versus a pre-owned vehicle.

5. Statistical Pathways: What’s My Average? 
Understand the relationships among different measures of central tendency.


Pathways to College Mathematics is a single-semester course designed to prepare students for any curriculum-level or corequisite math course.

It streamlines introductory algebra content and introduces students to geometry, consumer mathematics, logic, probability, finance, and statistics. Request your free exam copy.

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