2020 Innovative Educators Virtual Summit

Please view the presentations from each session of the Innovative Educators Summit below.

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Integrating Math Study Skills into Online and Classroom Courses | Recording | Math Study Skills Evaluation
—Dr. Paul Nolting, Academic Success Press

Strategies for Orchestrating a Comprehensive Math Learning Center | Recording | PowerPoint | Handout
—Dr. Jonathan Watkins, Kelly Coultas, and Tyler Price, The University of Louisville

Why We Fly with Hawkes| Recording | PowerPoint
—Cindy Bond, Butler Community College and Bethany Chandler, Butler Community College, Hawkes Learning Certified Instructor

Prerequisites for Implementing Strong Corequisites: A Panel Discussion | Recording
—Hosted by Dr. Tristan Denley, featuring Amy Young & Brandon Ford from Navarro College, and Emily Maddox from Rowan College

Performance Reporting & Analytics | Recording
—Kate Wise, Hawkes Learning

Hawkes 101 – Getting Your Course Up and Running Online | Recording
—Alex Saville, Hawkes Learning


Identifying At-risk Students with Hawkes’ Reporting and Analytics | Recording| PowerPoint
—Curtis Mitchell, Kirkwood Community College

Corequisite Statistics | Recording | PowerPoint
—Dr. Jacqueline Ann Jensen-Vallin, Lamar University

Corequisite vs. Traditional English Composition Courses | Recording | PowerPoint| Professors Quiz | Weekly Module
—Emily Maddox, Rowan College

Quantitative Reasoning with or without Integrated Algebra | Recording
—Max Aeschbacher and Jon Anderson, Utah Valley University

Unleash the Power of R with Rguroo Statistical Software | Recording | PowerPoint
—Dr. Mori Jamshidian, California State University, Fullerton

Customizing Your Course with Hawkes | Recording | PowerPoint
—Jennifer O’Brien, Hawkes Learning

Tips & Tricks for Making Online Discussion Boards Take Off! | Recording | PowerPoint
—Tami Tacker and Lea Rosenberry, Purdue University Global


A College Algebra Success Story | Recording | PowerPoint
—Dr. John Taylor, University of North Carolina – Charlotte

New Editions of College Algebra and Precalculus | Recording | PowerPoint
—Dr. Paul Sisson, Author

Technology as Part of the Teaching Toolkit in First-Year English | Recording | PowerPoint | Handout
—Nick Brittin, Lake Michigan College

The Promise and Peril of the Developmental Education Reform | Recording | PowerPoint | Handout
—Dr. Hunter Boylan

Bridging the Gap: Corequisite Mathematics at Navarro College | Recording| PowerPoint
—Amy Young and Brandon Ford, Navarro College

Implementation Tips for Online Courses | Recording | PowerPoint
—Jennifer O’Brien, Hawkes Learning

(Google) Meet You There! Free, Easy, Efficient Student Communication | Recording | PowerPoint
—Tami Tacker and Lea Rosenberry, Purdue University Global


Supplemental Instruction in the English Composition Classroom | Recording | PowerPoint | Editing Sheets
—Dr. Rebecca Mullins, Big Sandy Community and Technical College

The 5 Ws of Math Corequisites | Recording | PowerPoint
—Melissa Bryant, Emily Carpenter, and Dr. Linda Goeller, Seminole State