Archiving your Grade Book after the term ends

If you’ve used Hawkes before, chances are you have one or two sections from a previous term still in your Grade Book. To ensure you have access to those former students’ scores, we suggest you archive your Grade Book.

Archiving your Grade Book essentially takes a snapshot of your students’ scores from the previous term. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Tools tab and select Archive Grade Books.

Underneath the Tools tab, select the Archive Grade Books option in the first column.

2. Add a description, such as the term name, and select the instructor’s Grade Book to archive. Select the Archive Grade Book button.

Text field for Archive Description. List of instructor names to select. Archive Grade Book button is at the bottom.

3. To view your archived Grade Book, just go back to the Tools tab.

Underneath the Tools tab, select the View Archived Grade Books option.

4. Choose which option to view underneath Action: all the student scores or just one individual student’s.

Fields for instructor name and action. Underneath action, select the button for View Archived Grade Book or the button to View Individual Student Archives.

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