Check out the English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook

The new English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook is a pencil-and-paper resource that emphasizes key concepts and their immediate applications in a corequisite or accelerated learning composition course.

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English Composition with Integrated Review Guided Notebook cover

Along with pre-built grammar diagnostic tests to identify skill gaps, this notebook builds note-taking and annotating skills while guiding students step-by-step through instructional content.

Ensure students are meaningfully interacting with instructional content and following along to fill in graphic organizers, complete reading applications, answer self-test check-ins, and more.

Integrated review topics range from determining personal learning styles and developing time-management strategies to learning grammar basics and understanding purposeful research.

Are you an instructor who teaches accelerated English composition? We’d love to learn more about your course and get you free access to the English Composition with Integrated Review student courseware. Contact us today at 1-800-426-9538 or

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