3 resources to help your statistics students

Do your statistics students ever get lost in the theory of the material or have trouble grasping concepts covered in class?

Hawkes Learning’s free online resource, stat.hawkeslearning.com, features 3 main tools designed to bring clarity to these students:

1. Chapter Projects

New projects from Discovering Statistics and Data can be assigned as homework or in-class group projects to encourage discussion and active learning.

Chapter project: should you play the hand you're dealt?

Example chapter projects include using linear regression to analyze and predict home prices, calculating the probability of getting specific cards from a standard deck, and analyzing the Moneyball data set providing selected statistics for Major League Baseball teams.

2. Data Sets

There’s a story behind every data set. Help your students take real-world data and make meaning from it.

Our curated list of data sets accompanying the new Discovering Statistics and Data textbook allows students to apply skills learned in class to tangible examples.

Each data set can be easily downloaded to use as a complement to chapter projects and in-class exercises.

Download a giant data set, U.S. County Data, today! Variables include:

  • Ethnicity & age breakdown
  • Poverty & household income levels
  • Temperature & precipitation rates
  • Crime rates
  • Education & degree attainment
  • Obesity, diabetes, & other health data

3. Technology Instructions

For students to fully grasp concepts, they need to try their hand at the applications. Unfortunately, that’s hard to do if students don’t know how to use the necessary technology.

That’s why we offer free tech instructions that walk students through each step and input along the way.

ANOVA one-way tech instructions 1
ANOVA one-way tech instructions 2
ANOVA one-way tech instructions 3
ANOVA one-way tech instructions 4

Search by chapter or topic to find step-by-step instructions available for students stuck on the process of a problem.

Instructions by subtopic chart
Chapter 15 ANOVA instructions

Check out the website for yourself at stat.hawkeslearning.com!

Discovering statistics and data textbook + ipad cover

Interested in seeing more of this course? Contact us today at info@hawkeslearning.com or 1-800-426-9538 to get free access to the student courseware!

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