New Introduction to Psychology Guided Notebook

Cover of the Introduction to Psychology Guided Notebook

The Introduction to Psychology Guided Notebook is a supplemental print resource to Introduction to Psychology that walks students through lesson content.

This Guided Notebook presents content in an easy-to-follow format that gets students to pick out key concepts and then apply them immediately.

Inspire students to take a more active role in obtaining instruction and develop soft skills like note-taking.

Activities include:

  • Say It in a Sentence – Wrap up key concepts in a single sentence.
  • Psychology and You – Directly relate topics to personal experiences.
  • On Your Own – Test knowledge with scenario-based questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.
  • Test Yourself – Ensure key concepts are understood in a lesson wrap-up.
  • Key Terms – Make groupings of related terms, match words with their definitions, and even learn vocabulary through crossword puzzles
An open Introduction to Psychology Guided Notebook

Top 3 reasons you should consider a Guided Notebook:

  1. Application of content in real time through interactive activities & exercises
  2. Accountability for reading material and actively participating in instruction
  3. Development of soft skills like note-taking by identifying key concepts and completing examples

If you’re an instructor who would like to see more, download a free sample or request your free exam copy today!

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