Math review for microeconomics students

The NEW Principles of Microeconomics includes an entire review chapter to remediate math skill gaps.

We know incoming students often struggle with math basics like graphing, solving equations, and finding area.  

That’s why we designed Chapter 0 in Principles of Microeconomicsa full chapter of software lessons designed to target math skill gaps.

Hawkes’ software learning modules with intelligent tutoring and error-specific feedback can get your students up to speed. Make a common error and test us!


Principles of Microeconomics in iPad

Chapter 0: Math Review
0.1 Addition and Subtraction
0.2 Multiplication and Division
0.3 Order of Operations
0.4 Algebraic Expressions
0.5 Basics of Percent
0.6 Linear Equations
0.7 Graphing
0.8 Calculating Area
Chapter Review

Intelligent tutorials make outsourcing this review possible.

Explain Error anticipates and diagnoses common student errors and explains why they’re incorrect. View math examples in this quick video.

Contact us today at 1-800-426-9538 or to get FREE access to the math review and more!

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