New Microeconomics Guided Notebook

The new Principles of Microeconomics Guided Notebook presents content in an easy-to-follow format.

It asks students to pick out key concepts and then apply them immediately.

Students also have access to basic mathematics remediation in the first chapter, which is designed to target math skill gaps in topics such as graphing, solving equations, and calculating area.

Top 3 reasons you should consider a Guided Notebook:

  1. Application of content in real time through interactive activities & exercises
  2. Accountability for reading material and actively participating in instruction
  3. Development of soft skills like note-taking by identifying key concepts and completing examples

Inspire students to take a more active role in accessing instruction, create and label graphs from blank templates, and complete practice exercises.

  • Extensive graphing practice
  • Fill-in-the-blank statements
  • Say it in a Sentence Wrap-up
  • Define & reflect questions
  • On Your Own short answers
  • Self-Test check-ins

If you’re an instructor who would like to see more, download a free sample or request your free exam copy today!

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