226 Questions Added to English Composition with Integrated Review

We’ve added 226 NEW questions to English Composition with Integrated Review this spring! This course, ideal for corequisite English classes and accelerated learning programs, encourages students to thoughtfully craft, defend, and polish arguments while offering targeted remediation of foundational reading and writing concepts.

New questions are in each Integrated Review lesson:

  • 0R: Study Skills
  • 1R: Why We Write
  • 2R: Modes of Writing
  • 3R: The Writing Process
  • 4R: Parts of the Essay
  • 5R: Reading Critically
  • 6R: Writing Critically
  • 7R: Research
  • 8R: Unique Forms of Writing
  • 9R: Basics of Grammar & Mechanics
  • 10R: Grammatical Sentences

Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Example 1:

Some questions, such as this first example, are in a click-to-select format. Students read a passage and choose which sentence (or group of sentences) answers the question to further hone their reading skills:


If students are unsure how to answer this question in the Practice mode, the Tutor option provides a hint:


Students can then return to the question to answer it:


Example 2:

Let’s say students are working on their coordinating conjunctions. They receive one of the new questions in the “Combining Words or Sentences” section:

compr1If they make a common mistake, we encourage them to use the Explain Error tool, which provides specific feedback on where they went wrong:


If students are still unsure, they can check out the Hint screen:


Students can then return to the question to answer it:


Example 3:


If this question stumps students in the Practice mode, they again have access to the Explain Error and Hint tools:



Students can go back to answer the question correctly, and they can also choose a similar question to really ensure they’re understanding this lesson!



Are you an instructor who teaches accelerated English composition? We’d love to learn more about your course and get you free access to the English Composition with Integrated Review student courseware. Contact us today at 1-800-426-9538 or sales@hawkeslearning.com.

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