Sacramento City College Integration Bee

Sacramento City College’s Mathematics and Statistics Department hosted its third annual Integration Bee on April 5th. Participants, who must be enrolled in at least one unit at Sacramento City College (SCC) and have completed Math 400, put their knowledge of calculus integrals to the test in several rounds.

About 30 students participated in the preliminary round, with 20 minutes to complete five integrals. Then, the top 16 competitors were split into groups of four to compete against each other. Participants were not able to use notes, printed materials, or calculators during the event.

“The most exciting part was the tie breaker between the 3rd and 4th place winners in fighting for their titles,” said one of the event organizers, Professor Tsz Yan Wu. “Both Raynaldo and Howard turned at the same time with the correct answer, so we had to give them another tie break round, which was when Ray won the 4th place title. As for our top two winners, who are actually brothers, they also had to fight for their title with a tie breaker.”  

Along with bragging rights, winners received great prizes: 1st place received $300 and a TI Nspire calculator; 2nd place received $200 and a TI Nspire calculator; 3rd place received $100; and 4th and 5th place received $50.

The following individuals, departments, and businesses helped make the event a success through their support:

·        President Gutierrez
·         SCC math faculty
·         MESA
·         LRCFT
·         SCC Foundation
·         Maker’s Space
·         Dawn Pederson
·         Graphics Impression
·         Texas Instruments
·         Tower Café
·         Tealicious
·         Chipotle
·         Hawkes Learning   
·         Dad’s Kitchen
·         Famous Pizza
·         Starbucks
·         The Sandwich Spot
·         Temple Coffee 
·         Safeway 
·         Dutch Bros. Coffee

From left to right: 1st place: Minh Nguyen Le  (also the first place winner of the 2018 Integration Bee); 2nd place: Minh Tien Le; 3rd place: Raynaldo Tellez; 4th place: Howard Turley; and 5th place: Ryan Kelso.

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