Delve into class and student performance with Assignment Reviewer

Detailed performance reporting and analytics allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your classroom.

Assignment Reviewer gives you not only a big-picture overview of class performance on assignments, but also a more in-depth look at performance on a per-student and per-question basis.

Key features of Assignment Reviewer:

  • Identify most commonly missed questions on each assignment.
  • Check only one location for lesson-based AND WebTest-based data.
  • Analyze data on a per-student and per-question basis.
  • Check the due date status for any assignment.
  • See the average time spent by your class in Learn, Practice, and Certify.

When you enter Assignment Reviewer from your Grade Book (Assignments tab > Assignment Reviewer), select a class section to immediately view how many students completed the lessons you’ve assigned, or select the WebTests tab to see completion data on tests or quizzes.

Bar graph titled Submission Status, with the x-axis labeled Assignments and the y-axis labeled Students. The green parts of each bar show that the assignment is done; the yellow parts show that it is done late; and the orange parts are marked as overdue.

See how many students in your course completed each lesson or WebTest, as well as average time-on-task data.

Chart with hyperlinked Assignment Names with the following criteria next to them: Certified, Average Learn (Minutes), Average Practice (Minutes), and Average Certify (Minutes).

When you select a hyperlinked lesson, you can sort by assignment status to get a clear view of which students have mastered the lesson and which students haven’t.

Chart showing student name, email, score, due date, and number of attempts.

Need to review an individual student’s assignment? Select a hyperlinked lesson and then the student’s name from the list to view each question they received in Certify or on their WebTest, as well as an overview of their performance.

We’ve also added a new Review By Question feature that allows you to review all student answers to a single online test question simultaneously, without needing to exit and reenter.

Certify overview for an individual student.

You also have the ability to see question statistics under the Analytics tab. Find out how many students answered each question correctly or incorrectly, the question’s level of difficulty, and the average time spent on each question. Select a serial number to see a preview of the question type your students are struggling with.

This feature allows you to identify the most commonly missed questions for every assignment. You can bring up this part of the report in class to review difficult questions with your students and guide discussion.

Under the Analytics tab, a bar graph showing the percentage of correctly and incorrectly answered questions.
A chart shows the question number, its objective, level of difficulty, if correct/incorrect, and average time spent (in minutes).

Select a question’s serial number for a preview of the question type students received in their assignment.

Sample question pop-up window labeled Question 2. Question asks, "Identify the following number. Choose all that apply: -1/7." Multiple choice answers include natural number, whole number, integer, rational number, irrational number, real number, and undefined.

As you can see, this tool helps you efficiently identify who is struggling and what they’re struggling with so that you’re able to even more effectively help those students.

“I LOVE the Assignment Reviewer; in fact, I will display it periodically on the projector to motivate the class. The graph showing completions, incomplete work, and late work on assignments lets the students know that I am observing their progress through the material. I also appreciate that it doesn’t show any names until I click on the actual assignment.”

Paul Patison, Associate Professor at Navarro College

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