Meet Our Student Ambassadors for Spring 2019

Hawkes Learning teams up with students across the country to help those who are new to using Hawkes. Through this internship, ambassadors meet with their peers to provide one-on-one guidance to answer many Hawkes questions, such as how to register a license number, where to go to complete homework, how to create a practice test, … Continue reading Meet Our Student Ambassadors for Spring 2019

Delve into class and student performance with Assignment Reviewer

Detailed performance reporting and analytics allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your classroom. Assignment Reviewer gives you not only a big-picture overview of class performance on assignments, but also a more in-depth look at performance on a per-student and per-question basis. Key features of Assignment Reviewer: Identify most commonly missed questions on each assignment. Check only one … Continue reading Delve into class and student performance with Assignment Reviewer

Answer Equivalence in Calculus Courseware

We know that oftentimes in calculus, there's more than one way to solve a problem. While some online systems don't allow for multiple correct answers, Hawkes Learning's courseware was built by subject matter experts who painstakingly went through examples to ensure students are given credit for equivalent answers. Marvin, one of our lead calculus content … Continue reading Answer Equivalence in Calculus Courseware