Contextualized Learning in Hawkes’ Beginning Statistics Corequisite Course

Students in your corequisite course have most likely seen these lessons before—some even two or three times. Yet, it’s just not sticking, and students are feeling frustrated.

What can you do?

Contextualize the prerequisite content for your corequisite students.

Updates to the Beginning Statistics + Integrated Review courseware include new Making Connections and Looking Ahead sections in review lesson modules. These sections provide examples and videos connecting the foundational concepts to the credit-bearing material.

The Making Connections section informs students at the beginning of the lesson why they need to learn the upcoming review content.

Check out the example from the “The Real Number Line and Inequalities” lesson:


Students then walk through the instructional content of the lesson to get familiar with the concepts. At the end, they encounter the new Looking Ahead section, which shows students how to apply what they’ve learned and how it will help them understand the next lesson:



Explore another example from our “Area” lesson. Before students delve into the material, they get a brief introduction:


Once students are acquainted with the lesson, they can look ahead to what’s next:


With this contextualized approach to learning, students will gain a greater sense of why they’re being taught this information, making it more important to them.

begripad 3d


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