We believe there’s a better way to learn psychology

Introduction to Psychology in iPadIntroduction to Psychology couples the mastery-based pedagogy of Hawkes’ automated homework system with an interactive worktext, asking students to connect and apply course concepts through relevant exercises.

Individualize learning through adaptive remediation. Automate assessment of fundamental course content. Use innovative software as part of the teaching team to elevate classroom discussion.

Ready to see something different? With content written by contributing instructors from across the country, Hawkes’ three-mode Learning Path teaches students a systematic approach to learning.

  • Multimedia instruction
  • Game-like vocabulary simulations
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Unlimited practice sessions
  • Mastery-based assignments

Hawkes’ 40 years of experience teaching and assessing student learning can help you reach your student learning outcome goals. Request your free copy of the worktext and sample software access today!

Request your free copy of the worktext!

Introduction to Psychology

1. Psychological Science
2. Biopsychology
3. States of Consciousness
4. Sensation and Perception
5. Learning
6. Thinking and Intelligence
7. Memory
8. Lifespan Development
9. Emotion and Motivation
10. Personality
11. Social Psychology
12. Industrial-Organizational Psychology
13. Stress, Lifestyle, and Health
14. Psychological Disorders
15. Therapy and Treatment

Request your free copy of the worktext!

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