Stop Cheating on Calculus Homework

Cheating Image

2 Advantages of Homework Software

Learning math requires the repetition of solving problems until the concept is learned.

Consider two advantages of software over a traditional paper-and-pencil approach:

  1. Eliminate cheating by copying out of the back of the book.
    Software has the ability to provide students with their own unique homework assignments with algorithmically generated questions. This will completely eliminate the former methods of cheating on homework by copying out of the book or copying a neighbor’s paper.
  2. Provide unlimited practice for students.
    Software can give students unlimited practice problems and even practice testing options, whereas a textbook only contains a finite number of exercises and examples. Practice makes permanent.

Calc Book and ComputerHawkes Learning’s NEW Calculus with Early Transcendentals courseware provides learning modules with unlimited practice opportunities & unique, algorithmically generated questions.

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