How do you teach tactile learning?


While many learners identify as predominately visual, auditory, or tactile, nearly all can benefit from tactile learning. This kind of learning includes hands-on activities and movement for students to gain a deep understanding of lesson content.

Since tactile learning techniques aren’t always included in a traditional curriculum, here are three tips to incorporate some in class:

1. Make learning flashy.
Ask students to create their own flashcards for formulas, vocabulary words, and concepts. Writing the information down and flipping through the flashcards will help students retain the lesson content.

Bonus points if you divide your class into different stations and have students move from one to the next. That way, they’re incorporating more physical activity while learning, which will help them remember the lesson content.

2. Variety is the spice of life…and teaching.
Tactile learners tend to get bored quickly if they have to do the same thing repeatedly. When you’re teaching a lesson, consider breaking lectures up into mini lessons and incorporating group activities, demonstrations, or games for students to practice the skills they’ve learned.

Remember to include short breaks so students can stretch or move around before going on to the next part of the lesson!

3. Bring back the lost art of note-taking.
Are students still having trouble connecting to lesson content and remembering key concepts? Teach them how to write it out! When they write down their notes, students are staying active in their learning. Plus, visual learners will appreciate outlining the lessons, mind-mapping, and seeing definitions in their own words when they review for quizzes and tests.

Hawkes Learning offers pencil-and-paper resources that guide students step-by-step through instructional content and provide a direct path to effective note-taking.

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