YouTube Resources to Help You Learn More about Accessibility

Thankfully, web accessibility is getting more attention than ever before. Incorporating strong accessible standards helps every online user, whether or not someone has a disability.

There are multiple YouTube channels dedicated to helping you learn more about accessibility standards and practices, as well as challenging the stigmas surrounding individuals with disabilities. Below are three you may consider checking out!

1. Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Hadley, the largest distance education provider for those who are blind or visually impaired by serving more than 10,000 students each year, gives students a personalized learning experience to help them in their academic, professional, and everyday lives. Courses are free to blind and visually impaired individuals and their families, and the nonprofit offers low tuition rates to blindness professionals.

Hadley’s YouTube channel ( offers a plethora of information that focuses on specific tasks like “how to make a playlist” using only the screen reader system and not having to look at the phone as you do it. It includes instructional videos on Apple products and tools, like accessing the Zoom Controller and downloading BARD books and magazines.

2. Deafinitely Dope

This channel provides videos of rapping popular songs with American Sign Language (ASL) and was created by a deaf man and hearing woman. According to their page, their goal is “to provide a platform where deaf people of all ages as well as hearing people willing to take the plunge into the world of ASL can unite under a brand that shows YOU’RE NOT ALONE.”

Those who are deaf or hard of hearing who communicate through ASL can enjoy these popular songs, and those willing to learn or brush up on ASL will enjoy these fun videos.

Check out their YouTube channel here:


3. Google Chrome Developers

Want to stay updated on Google’s web accessibility initiatives? Google Chrome Developers have built playlists discussing the latest and greatest Chrome tools, including tutorials on tasks ranging from using Chrome UX Report to optimize your web app’s performance to learning how to build e-commerce websites with AMP and PWA.

They’re currently creating a new series called The State of the Web, which analyzes big data to learn more about how the web is moving forward in performance, security, and more. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this YouTube channel to stay in the loop with all the cool things Google is up to!

View videos at


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