2 Resources to Help You Check on Your Website’s Accessibility

Our Accessibility Team at Hawkes always gets excited when they found out about tools that help you check on the level of web accessibility in order to improve a website for all users. Here are two great tips if you want to ensure your site is up to WCAG 2.0 standards:

1. Google’s Tools for Web Developers

Google has a great community and curated list of resources dedicated to web accessibility. Check out what they offer at https://developers.google.com/web/tools/.

One of our Accessibility Team leaders loves to use the Google developer tool that checks the contrast between text and background. Below, you can see that the header on the Hawkes Learning sign-in page contrasts with the background well enough to comply with Level AAA standards.

The words "Hawkes Learning" on a webpage are highlighted and labeled with "the text we are looking at."

The underlying code behind the sign-in page for Hawkes Learning is displayed. A color swatch is open for the text that was highlighted in the first image. Its contrast ratio is 9.08, and check marks are next to AA: 4.5 and AAA: 7.0 to denote that this level of contrast between text and background is WCAG Level 2.0 AAA compliant.


2. HTML_CodeSniffer

Want to make sure a website’s code is up to snuff? HTML_CodeSniffer has you covered! This script finds violations of coding standards in your HTML source code, and you can check your code against custom coding standards. It covers Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Levels A, AA, and AAA.

You can paste your code here to test it before installing the bookmarklet.

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