Guided Notebook is the perfect supplement to Precalculus courseware

Precalculus Guided Notebook coverWritten by Dr. Chris Schroeder, Morehead State University, the Precalculus Guided Notebook accompanies the Precalculus courseware to emphasize the importance of writing mathematics and taking thorough notes.

View a FREE sample of Precalculus Guided Notebook.

This guided notebook ensures students engage with the content as they follow along throughout the instructional “Learn” mode and videos within the Hawkes courseware.


Students develop organizational skills as they are prompted to write down key definitions and concepts, work out similar problems that are shown in accompanying videos at, and solve problems that are similar to what they will encounter in the “Practice” and “Certify” modes.

By the time students are ready to certify, they have the major concepts of each section written down, as well as several worked-out problems in their notebooks that they can use to get through the Certification. In addition, those problems will be useful when reviewing for exams or quizzes.

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