Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Hawkes Learning teams up with students across the country to help those who are new to using Hawkes. Through this internship, ambassadors meet with their peers to provide one-on-one guidance to answer many Hawkes questions, such as how to register a license number, where to go to complete homework, how to create a practice test, and what tools are the most helpful to get a good grade. Below are a few of the bright and talented students we work with!



Erica is an accountancy major at the University of Mississippi who will graduate in spring 2021. Her favorite class is business calculus, and she rocks a 3.69 GPA. Outside of school, Erica enjoys watching YouTube vlogs and attending sporting events. This dynamic, inquisitive, and motivated individual wants to earn professional certifications and begin a career path to become an FBI Forensic Accountant after graduation.




Lauren is an accountancy major who will graduate from the University of Mississippi in spring 2021. When she’s not maintaining her impressive 4.0 GPA, she enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and running. Other extracurricular activities include the Young Life Praise Team, Mock Trial, and Alpha Omicron Pi. Lauren wants to attend law school and become a tax attorney.


Bethel Ann


Bethel Ann is a culinary arts major at Chattahoochee Technical College. She will graduate in fall 2021. Bethel Ann enjoys her Learning Support Math class, and she rocks a 3.0 GPA. Loyal, hardworking, and humorous, this student enjoys a wide range of activities, including horseback riding, motorcycling, creative writing, and making art. After graduation, Bethel Ann plans on joining the Navy.

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