Missouri Math Pathways Initiative and Hawkes Learning

Below is information about the Hawkes materials regarding the new Missouri Math Pathways Initiative. We know this is an incredibly important topic of conversation across the state, and our goal is to deliver a curriculum uniquely designed to better prepare students for college-level math in Missouri.

New Missouri Pathways:

  1. Mathematical Reasoning and Modeling
  2. Precalculus Algebra
  3. Precalculus
  4. Statistical Reasoning

Hawkes Courseware

Hawkes courseware ensures students achieve mastery of course content through multimedia-rich lessons, unlimited practice problems with intelligent tutoring, and competency-based Certify assignments.

Chapter projects, simulations, and real-world games promote collaboration and show students the practical side of mathematics through activities using real-world applications of concepts taught. Offerings include new corequisite-ready courses that integrate foundational skills necessary for success in curriculum content.

Check out these two quick videos to learn more:

Mastery Learning:

Explain Error:

Quick Links

Request a review copy here.

Sign up for a demonstration of the accompanying courseware here.

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