More Details in the Detailed Student Grades Report

The Detailed Student Grades Report lets you do more than simply view a student’s grade in Hawkes. When you choose a student name at the top of the report, you can view their lesson activity by selecting that option:

An arrow points to hyperlinked text that says View Lesson Activity.A spreadsheet of lesson activities for a student is shown, including the lesson number and title; if the student Certified in that lesson; and how much time the student spent in the courseware, including the Learn, Practice, Certify, and overall data.

This report breaks down how much time a student spent in each lesson’s Learn, Practice, and Certify modes, as well as the overall time per lesson. We know that sometimes students may feel like they’ve spent more time in the courseware than they really have, so these numbers are a good indication of whether they should spend more time in each Learning Path mode.

The report also lets you see quickly whether a student Certified in a lesson and how many times they attempted to Certify. It’s especially helpful to see if students are unsuccessfully attempting Certify again and again. Did they only take a quick glance at the Learn screens? Did they try the Practice mode?

If they’ve only spent a few minutes in the two first modes before jumping right into Certify, you can guide them to Learn and Practice to better equip them for their homework. Students may feel like practicing the lesson questions is a waste of time, but if they try answering these questions with the Tutor and Step-by-Step options available to them, they may just find they have an easier time in Certify!

You can also adjust individual student settings for WebTests from the Detailed Student Grades Report. Select the ellipsis icon next to a WebTest that the student hasn’t taken yet, then choose the Update Student Settings option:

An arrow points to the Update Student Settings option in a drop-down menu next to a hyperlinked WebTest.

You can then adjust the dates, number of attempts, and test length for the student. These options are especially beneficial for students who need a little extra time completing their tests. You can also make the test password-protected and wait to make the test visible to the student.

Student settings by student are shown. The data displayed is the student name with the options to make bulk changes and make the following changes to individual WebTests: start and end dates, whether the test is visible to the student, a password option, number of attempts a student can take the test, grading method, and test length.

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