Discover additional questions in Discovering Business Statistics!

New questions are available for fall in Discovering Business Statistics. Add these questions to your curriculum and WebTests by following the quick directions in this blog post.

Below is a list of topics covered by these additional questions, as well as the question names you’ll see in Assignment Builder:

Frequency Distribution

Called DBS 1e 3.1.54 and 3.1.55
2 questions
Conditional Probability

Called DBS 1e 5.5.4ac and 5.5.4b
2 questions
Bayes’ Theorem

Called DBS 1e 5.7.5, 5.7.7, and 5.7.8
3 questions
The Uniform Distribution

Called DBS 1e 7.1.ab, 7.1.8ef, and 7.1.9d
3 questions
Approximations to Other Distributions

Called DBS 1e 7.4.10ab, 7.4.10cd, and 7.4.11d
3 questions
Random Samples

Called DBS 1e 8.1.Bonus1 and 8.1.Bonus2
2 questions
Introduction to Sampling Distributions

Called DBS 1e 8.2.5
1 question
The Relationship Between Confidence Interval Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

Called DBS 1e 10.6.4a and 10.6.5ab
2 questions
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Called DBS 1e 12.2.8bc and 12.2.8de
2 questions
The F-test

Called DBS 1e 12.4.11a, 12.4.13a, and 12.4.14a
3 questions
Two-way ANOVA: Randomized Block Design

Called DBS 1e 12.5.13bc, 12.5.14bc, and 12.5.15bc
3 questions
Two-way ANOVA: The Factorial Design

Called DBS 1e 12.6.13bc, 12.6.15bcd, and 12.6.16bcd
3 questions
Building a Simple Linear Regression Model

Called DBS 1e 13.1.12d and 13.1.13e
2 questions
Defining a Linear Relationship

Called DBS 1e 13.2.9c and 13.2.Bonus1
2 questions
The Importance of Errors

Called DBS 1e 13.4.Bonus
1 question
Fitting a Linear Time Trend

Called DBS 1e 13.6.8ad
1 question
Testing a Hypothesis Concerning β1

Called DBS 1e 13.9.7c, 13.9.8c, 13.9.9c, 13.9.6bd, and 13.9.Bonus1
5 questions
Inference Concerning a Model’s Prediction

Called DBS 1e 13.10.7h and 13.10.8i
2 questions
Multiple Regression

Called DBS 1e 14.1.7
1 question
The Coefficient of Determination and Adjusted R2

Called DBS 1e 14.2.10b
1 question
Interpreting the Coefficients of the Multiple Regression Model

Called DBS 1e 14.3.5f and 14.3.5d
2 questions
The F-Distribution

Called DBS 1e 14.4.8
1 question
Inference Concerning the Model’s Prediction

Called DBS 1e 14.6.7j and 14.67i
2 questions
Pitfalls and Concerns in Regression Modeling

Called DBS 1e 14.8.Bonus1
1 question
The Chi-square Distribution

Called DBS 1e 15.1.12bd and 15.1.8
2 questions
The Sign Test

Called DBS 1e 16.1.16, 16.1.21, and 16.1.22
3 questions
The Wilcoxon Signed-rank Test

Called DBS 1e 16.2.15, 16.2.Bonus1, and 16.2.14
3 questions
The Wilcoxon Rank-sum Test

Called DBS 1e 16.3.12a, 16.3.12b, and 16.3.15
3 questions
The Rank Correlation Test

Called DBS 1e 16.4.11, 16.4.13, and 16.4.14
3 questions
The Runs Test for Randomness

Called DBS 1e 16.5.8, 16.5.10, and 16.5.Bonus1
3 questions
The Kruskal-Wallis Test

Called DBS 1e 16.6.8, 16.6.9, and 16.6.10
3 questions
Basic Charts and Diagrams Used in Quality Control

Called DBS 1e 17.1.13d
1 question
Basic Concepts

Called DBS 1e 17.2.11c
1 question
Monitoring with a p-chart

Called DBS 1e 17.4.11ac and 17.4.13
2 questions
Type II Errors

Called DBS 1e A.11.Bonus1, A.11.Bonus2, and A.11.Bonus3
3 questions

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