Tuesday Tip: Add shared Question Builder questions to assignments

Do you have a colleague who has mastered Question Builder and created some fantastic questions you’d like to use? As long as they’ve chosen the option to share these questions, you can incorporate them into your assignments too!

To input these questions into your own curriculum, follow these quick steps:

1. Log into your Grade Book.
2. Navigate to Assignments > Curriculum.
3. Open desired section (Or go to Manage by Curriculum and open desired curriculum).
4. Open desired lesson.
5. Select Question Bank > Instructor.

A drop-down menu shows the options

6. Folders will be listed below. Open the desired folder.

A list of questions for chapters is shown. They each are called

7. Add any desired questions to the assignment by dragging and dropping it into the right pane or selecting the checkbox and clicking Add Selected.

The button labeled

If you’d like to add questions from a shared folder to your WebTests, simply open up a WebTest (Assignments > WebTest) and follow steps 5-7.

If you have questions, please contact us at 1-800-426-9538
or connect with your Training and Support Specialist.

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