Stylish: One of Our Favorite Browser Extensions

Want more display options for webpages? Chrome and Firefox users can customize their visual web experience quickly and easily with the browser extension Stylish. Stylish is free and lets users create and share their own styles if they like.

This extension provides a better experience for all, especially in terms of accessibility. Many users take advantage of Stylish to apply a new color scheme to a website and eliminate unwanted or unnecessary page elements. It can also help users manipulate font sizes on webpages. Another key way Stylish users can enhance the usability of a site is to make answer boxes have a thicker width in order to see them more easily.

Stylish is an excellent tool in customizing display options for websites. For example, they have 149 pages of custom styles for Google. (Yes, that’s right—one hundred forty-nine.) One of the most popular themes is DarkSearch for Google by Stylish contributor Nass O.

Stylish members are volunteers who create User Styles, which are also called website themes or skins. They have a forum set up for questions and sharing valuable information. They include easy instructions on how to install the browser extension and use it to its full capability.

Our developers and content creators at Hawkes love Stylish, and we think you will too!

Find out more from the Stylish website,

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