Updates to questions in select math products!

We’ve updated the default curriculum to include new questions just in time for the spring term. The updated questions provide a more uniform level of difficulty to give the overall lesson more consistency. Most do not require a calculator for your students to complete. In many cases, these questions cover lesson topics more comprehensively than before.

*Please note that these new questions are only available to students using the web platform at learn.hawkeslearning.com.*

To see the new questions, please log into your Assignment Builder to view your curriculum. These questions are marked as new and are always located at the very bottom of the lesson so that they’re easy to identify:

Here is a list of the new questions and where to find them:

  • Developmental Mathematics
    • Lesson 2.2
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 2.3
      • Questions 10-16
  • Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra
    • Lesson 2.4
      • Questions 21-27
    • Lesson 2.6
      • Questions 18-21
  • Beginning Statistics Plus Integrated Review
    • Lesson 4.R.1
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 4.R.2
      • Questions 10-16
  • Viewing Life Mathematically Plus Integrated Review
    • Lesson 7.R.1
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 7.R.2
      • Questions 10-16
  • Developmental Math – North Carolina Curriculum
    • Lesson 2.2
      • Questions 21-27
    • Lesson 2.4
      • Questions 44-50
  • Foundations of Mathematics for Virginia
    • Lesson 1.4
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 3.3
      • Based on instructor feedback, we’ve added one question on the topic of estimating square roots and replaced a few questions with new, more refined problem cases


If you have any questions about these updates, please contact your Training and Support Specialist or call 1-800-426-9538.

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