Keyboard shortcuts in the student courseware – web platform

At Hawkes, we want to make sure students are focusing on learning the content of your lessons, not on how to input their answers into our system.

When students are in the Practice and Certify modes, they have access to a keypad within the courseware.

The button labeled keypad is highlighted.

A keypad showing mathematical symbols in a chart.

The keypad is available to students; however, we also have keyboard shortcuts for inputting answers at These shortcuts accommodate all students, especially those who have motor disabilities and cannot use a computer mouse to access the keypad.

Check out the available keyboard shortcuts below, and feel free to share with students!

Keypad Function Keyboard Shortcut
To move the cursor to home in Input Home key
To move the cursor to end in Input End key
Exponent Shift+6 (^)
Subscript Shift+- (_)
Fraction Ctrl+Shift+F OR
/ OR
/ on number pad
Square Root/Radical Ctrl+Alt+R
Parentheses: ( ) (  (Shift+9)  OR
)  (Shift+0)
Vertical bars (absolute values): | | Ctrl+Shift+\ (Ctrl+|)
Square brackets: [ ] [   OR    ]
Curly braces: { } Shift+[  ({)  OR
Shift+]  (})
( ]  Bracket Ctrl+]
[ )  Bracket Ctrl+[
Angular braces: < > Ctrl+Alt+,   OR
Greatest Integer: 〚〛 Ctrl+Alt+[  OR
Less Than or Equal To: ≤ Ctrl+Shift+, (Ctrl+<)
Greater Than or Equal To: ≥ Ctrl+Shift+. (Ctrl+>)
Pipe: | Shift+\  (|)
Log: log( ) Ctrl+Alt+L
Natural Log: ln( ) Ctrl+Alt+N
Sine Ctrl+Alt+S
Sine power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
Cosine Ctrl+Alt+C
Cosine power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Tangent Ctrl+Alt+T
Tangent power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Union symbol: È Ctrl+Shift+U
Intersection: Ç Ctrl+Alt+U
Degree: ° Ctrl+Shift+’ (Ctrl+”)
Plus or Minus: ± Ctrl+Alt+-
Divided By: ÷ Ctrl+Alt+/
Not Equal To: ¹ Ctrl+Alt+=
Capital A not: A0 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Capital V not: V0 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Small v not: v0 Ctrl+Alt+V
Infinity: ∞ Ctrl+Alt+I
Empty Set: Æ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O
d-bar Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D
belongs to: Î Ctrl+Alt+E
p-hat Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Cross: ´ Shift+8  (*)  OR
x-bar Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
Complex Numbers: C Ctrl+Alt+D, C
Natural Numbers: N Ctrl+Alt+D, N
Rational Numbers: Q Ctrl+Alt+D, Q
Real Numbers: R Ctrl+Alt+D, R
Integers: Z Ctrl+Alt+D, Z
Lowercase Alpha: α Ctrl+Alt+G, A
Lowercase Beta: β Ctrl+Alt+G, B
Lowercase Gamma: g Ctrl+Alt+G, G
Lowercase Lambda: λ Ctrl+Alt+G, L
Lowercase mu: m Ctrl+Alt+G, M
Lowercase Pi: π Ctrl+Alt+G, P
Theta: θ Ctrl+Alt+G, Q
Lowercase Sigma: σ Ctrl+Alt+G, S
Lowercase omega: ω Ctrl+Alt+G, W
Dashed char (Prime input form): ¢ Ctrl+Alt+’
Conjunction (logical “and”): Ù Ctrl+Alt+A
Disjunction (logical “or”): Ú Ctrl+Alt+O
Rightwards double arrow (Implies): Þ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
Negation: ~ Shift+` (~)  OR

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