Keyboard shortcuts in the student courseware – installed platform

The installed courseware for Hawkes includes a keypad for answer input in the Practice and Learn modes. However, these keypad functions also have keyboard shortcuts. Check them out below!

Keypad Function Keyboard Shortcut
To move the cursor to home in Input Home key
To move the cursor to end in Input End key
Exponent Up arrow  OR  ^
Subscript Down arrow  OR  Ctrl+Down arrow  ?
Fraction Ctrl+F  OR   /  OR  / on num pad
Square Root/Radical Alt+Q
Parentheses: ( ) (  (Shift+9)  OR
)  (Shift+0)
Vertical bars (absolute values): | | | (Shift+\)
Square brackets: [ ] [   OR    ]
Curly braces: { } {  (Shift+[)  OR
}  (Shift+])
( ]  Bracket Ctrl+(  (Ctrl+Shift+9)  OR
[ )  Bracket Ctrl+[    OR
Ctrl+)  (Ctrl+Shift+0)
Angular braces: < > Ctrl+<  (Ctrl+Shift+,)    OR
Ctrl+>  (Ctrl+Shift+.)
Greatest Integer: 〚〛 Ctrl+Alt+| (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+\)
Less Than or Equal To: £ Alt+<  (Alt+Shift+,)
Greater Than or Equal To: ³ Alt+>  (Alt+Shift+.)
Pipe: | Not implemented (COMBO, VLM)
Log: log( ) Ctrl+Alt+L
Natural Log: ln( ) Ctrl+Alt+N
Sine Ctrl+Alt+S
Sine power Alt+Shift+S
Cosine Ctrl+Alt+C
Cosine power Alt+Shift+C
Tangent Ctrl+Alt+T
Tangent power Ctrl+T
Cosecant Ctrl+Alt+O
Cosecant power Ctrl+O
Secant Ctrl+Alt+E
Secant power Alt+Shift+E
Cotangent Ctrl+Alt+G
Cotangent power Alt+Shift+G
Union symbol: È Ctrl+Alt+U
Intersection: Ç Ctrl+Alt+I
Degree: ° Alt+’
Plus or Minus: ± Alt+-
Divided By: ÷ Alt+/
Not Equal To: ¹ Alt+=
Capital A not: A0 Alt+A
Capital V not: V0 Ctrl+Shift+U
small v not: v0 Alt+V
Infinity: ¥ Ctrl+Shift+I
Empty Set: Æ Ctrl+Shift+O
d-bar Ctrl+Shift+D
belongs to: Î Ctrl+Shift+E
p-hat Ctrl+Shift+H
Cross: ´ *  (Shift+8)
x-bar Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0 (Ctrl+Alt+))
Complex Numbers: C Ctrl+Shift+K
Natural Numbers: N Ctrl+Shift+N
Rational Numbers: Q Ctrl+Shift+Q
Real Numbers: R Ctrl+Shift+R
Integers: Z Ctrl+Shift+J
Lowercase Alpha: α Ctrl+Shift+F
Lowercase Beta: β Ctrl+Shift+B
Lowercase Gamma: g Ctrl+Shift+G
Lowercase Lambda: l Ctrl+Shift+L
Lowercase mu: m Ctrl+Shift+M
Lowercase Pi: p Ctrl+Shift+P
Theta: q Ctrl+Shift+T
Lowercase Sigma: s Ctrl+Shift+S
Lowercase omega: w Ctrl+Shift+W

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