College algebra students plagued by scattered notes will benefit from this!

Do your college algebra students have difficulty keeping track of the concepts you’re teaching? Are they having trouble organizing their notes to prepare for tests? We have the solution:

Cover of College Algebra Guided Notebook by Christopher Schroeder at Morehead State University

College Algebra Guided Notebook

Dr. Christopher Schroeder 
Morehead State University

View a FREE sample of College Algebra Guided Notebook.

This guided notebook complements Hawkes Learning’s online courseware because it:

  • offers students writing and thinking space to work out algebra problems
  • walks students through Hawkes’s online Learn mode with detailed explanations
  • provides additional practice problems and links to online videos
  • relates math to students in a conversational tone
  • keeps notes in one centralized location

Students develop organizational skills as they are prompted to write down key definitions and concepts, work out similar problems that are shown in accompanying videos at, and solve problems that are similar to what they will encounter in the “Practice” and “Certify” modes. They can then refer to these notes to review for upcoming tests.

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