Introducing SmartReview: The All-in-One Paper Submission and Review Platform

You and your students have an all-in-one platform for managing, submitting, and reviewing student writing with SmartReview.

This tool, available in the Foundations of English, English Composition, and English Composition with Integrated Review online courseware, helps instructors organize all writing submissions across different sections and create a space for effective peer reviewing. For students, it offers a digital writing space that interweaves multi-step assignments with individualized, instructor-directed feedback.

Access SmartReview directly from your online Hawkes Grade Book, then create a new writing assignment and include peer and/or instructor review, customized point values, and an optional rubric. You can set up assignments for as many sections as you’d like:

A tab called Assign is opened with two sections listed and buttons underneath the Actions column.

With just one login, students access their writing assignments you’ve created through SmartReview from their online Hawkes courseware. They have a user-friendly writing space where they can type their papers directly or copy and paste from any word processor. This space saves student work every few minutes in order to assure work will not get lost.

Once a writing assignment is submitted, it’s ready for instructor review.

Three rows are shown with different essays submitted. One column explains the type of essay (peer-to-peer upload, peer-to-peer review, and peer-to-instructor review). The next row shows a number of submissions, then the status of approved or graded. The row actions, all the way on the right, has buttons to open the paper.

That’s right—no need to rummage through your folders to track down the last page that ripped off a student’s paper. Take a break from refreshing your email inbox in the hopes that those last few students really did submit their papers before the 12-o’clock deadline. With SmartReview, you can just log into your online Hawkes Grade Book and see who submitted what and when, and you can easily read their edits and suggestions.

A student's paper is displayed with some text highlighted. A panel on the left shows two student names. Below the paper, a rubric is filled out grading focus and clarity, word choice, organization, and grammar and mechanics.

If you’ve created a peer review assignment, take advantage of the comments and tags! The comments give students space to provide more in-depth explanations of their feedback.

Dual panel shows comments and tags like "description," "evidence," and "wordy sentence" on the left and a student paper's text on the right. Some of the text is highlighted.

Tags help guide students’ assessment of writing. Students highlight a word, phrase, or sentence and select a tag—such as Topic Sentences or Punctuation—to classify their feedback. These tags help both the reviewers and writers understand key concepts in grammar that you’ve gone over in class by applying them to another’s work and seeing how often they make these grammatical errors in their own papers.

You can approve a paper that is submitted for peer review. Once a student submits a peer review, you also have the ability to approve the feedback before it is available to the writer.

As you read through the comments and tags, both you and your students can filter by category—like Grammar and Mechanics—to pinpoint areas needing improvement and areas of strength. Students will then be able to revise their assignments before submitting final drafts. They can always keep track of where they are in submitting their assignments with the progress bar:

The progress bar shows the peer-to-peer upload is past due, as are the peer-to-peer review and the peer-to-instructor review.

While using SmartReview, students show themselves that writing isn’t about cobbling together a paper at 2 a.m. the night before it’s due. Writing involves planning, creating drafts, sharing thoughts, revising, and continuously working toward becoming a better writer.

Instructors can schedule a virtual demonstration here.

In collaboration with English instructors across the country, Hawkes offers Foundations of English, English Composition, and English Composition with Integrated Review covering reading, writing, and critical thinking.

The courseware allows you to individualize assessment and remediation, automate homework, and add to the multimedia-rich content.

If you’d like to learn more, contact your Courseware Specialist at 1-800-426-9538.

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