Add Learn Screen Notes to Further Customize a Course

This new tool allows you to add comments, hyperlinks, examples and videos to our pre-created Learn screens! Our beta Learn Screen Notes is an easy way for you to further customize your course and better connect with your students virtually. Whether you are encouraging students through helpful tips and reminders or directing them to supplemental resources, adding Learn Screen Notes can help increase student engagement with the course content presented in Hawkes.

(Once you get the hang of the basics, check out six fun ideas to help you take advantage of this new tool!)

To use the tool, open your online Grade Book and navigate to Assignments -> Curriculum:

The third tab from the left at the top of the page says Assignments. When that is selected, there is a column called Manage and below are: Lesson Due Dates, WebTests, Other Assignments, Student To-Do List, Course Materials, Curriculum, and Question Builder. An arrow points to the Assignments tab, and another arrow points to the Curriculum link.

Select a section to launch the curriculum assigned to it. Once that’s open, select the lesson to which you wish to add Learn Screen Notes:

Rows and columns show the different lessons assigned to your curriculum in the Grade Book. An arrow points to an example of a lesson in the last column, which is the lesson name.

From here, select the “Edit Learn Notes” button to launch the note editor:

The Assignment Builder is open and displays the questions available in the lesson. In the top left, an arrow points to the Edit Learn Screens button.

This tool will allow you to navigate through each of the available Learn Notes and add your own custom comments to the page. Please note that you will need to save progress between each page to ensure your updates show up on the student side.

Some notable features include the following:

  • embedding videos from YouTube,
  • adding hyperlinks to redirect students to other resource pages,
  • adding special characters, and
  • adding images.

When students log in and access the Learn portion of a lesson, your custom notes will appear in the bottom area of the page.  Additionally, students can toggle the page to view just the custom Learn Screen note or just the Hawkes-created Learn content.

Have questions about this new tool? Contact your Training and Support Specialist or call 1-800-426-9538!

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