Paint by Numbers: Red, White, and Blue!

The statue of a cougar at the College of Charleston has a red, white, and blue plastic top hot and star necklace.

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and we’ve found some interesting stats about the holiday!

The History Channel provides fun historical information and eye-opening stats concerning Independence Day. For instance, did you know 13 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were aged 35 or younger?

If you’re among the 80% of the country’s population that attends a cookout, picnic, or barbecue on the holiday, you might eat a hot dog or two (or veggie dogs for those of you who are vegetarians!). However, you’re probably not going to come close to the record of eating the most hot dogs in 10 minutes, since that record is 68 hot dogs! Yup, you read that correctly: 68 hot dogs…with buns. I’m guessing that person needed some antacids after the contest.

Check out the fun infographic from the History Channel here, then let us know how you incorporate the holiday into your summer math courses in the comments below!

Fourth of July by the Numbers. n.d. History of St. Patrick’s Day. HISTORY. 30 June 2016.

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