Online students can take advantage of their support services with these 4 tips

Not being on campus can make some things extra difficult for students. If you’re an online student who’s not sure how to get the answers to questions about admissions, future courses, and other necessary items, take a look at Bradley Fuster’s tips on using your support services!

In his U.S. News article, Fuster points out 4 things online students can do as soon as they have questions:

  1. Gather the information all in one place. Most departments and offices have their own email addresses and phone numbers, so take the time to write down this information and the hours of operation.
  2. Record specific information of the people you’ve contacted or need to contact. Get the names and contact information of the people you’ve called to help you. When you find out whom you need to contact for further information, take down their information and best times to call. Fuster also recommends you “document your service need by sending an email from your university email account following your phone conversation” (U.S. News).
  3. Leave voicemails. If you call during an office’s busy hours and they can’t pick up, don’t hang up! Leave a voicemail with your name, contact information, and question so they can get back to you.
  4. Keep asking for help, and of course do it nicely! You sometimes might not get answers right away, so keep pushing until you do. 

Check out the fully explained tips from U.S. News here!

Fuster, Bradley. “4 Tips for Using Support Services as an Online Student.” U.S. News. U.S. News, 6 June 2016. Web. 7 June 2016.

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