Updates to WebTest Management

During this semester, we’ve made some changes to WebTest Management. Now, your list of WebTests is easier to read, and you have some more options listed below.

Under Additional Settings, you’ll be able to allow students to pause their WebTest X number of times.

You will also be able to allow multiple WebTest attempts for individual students in the Student Settings or for whole sections in General Settings. Decide whether you want to count the last score or average the scores of each attempt.

Make bulk changes when you edit an individual student’s settings too!
Select one student and make settings that will apply to them for different tests all on one page.

You can also manage all WebTests assigned to a particular section at once:

Did you know you can also submit and unsubmit a student’s WebTest attempt? Click here to learn more.

Check out the video on WebTest Management below:

Contact us at 1-800-426-9538 or training@hawkeslearning.com if you have questions.

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