Create your own questions with Question Builder

Question Builder includes editing options, as well as images, tables, variables, symbols, and expressions, at the top. Below that is where you type your question into the question field. You can write out steps and choose answers as multiple choice or free response.

Want to add your own questions to the Hawkes courseware? Now you can with the NEW beta release of Question Builder!

You can customize your course content by building dynamic questions into the Practice and Certify modes, as well as your Hawkes assessments. Questions can be free response or multiple choice and include images, explanations for wrong answers, adjustable tolerance ranges, and more.

Question Builder allows you to seamlessly integrate your very own questions into your students’ Hawkes experience to get the most out of their course led by you. If you’d like to use this feature, contact your Training and Support Specialist at

Question Builder Overview

You can access the Question Builder tool directly from your online Grade Book. Questions are organized and displayed in folders for organization. You can create multiple folders to house different types of questions you’re creating.


Question fields include areas to put the question name, description, and steps.

Question Types

You can choose from the following question types:

  • Multiple choice
  • Free response
  • Open ended
  • Click-to-select
  • Click-to-insert

Multiple choice questions let you do the following:

  • Add up to 30 answer choices
  • Assign partial credit to answers
  • Choose between check boxes or radio buttons
  • Add answer explanations to incorrect answers
  • Lock the answer order

Creating free response questions allows you to assign one or more answers to a question for which the answer must be typed in using the keyboard and/or keypad.

Free response questions let you do the following:

  • Choose how to evaluate the answer
  • Set the number of decimal places for the correct answer
  • Specify a tolerance range in which an answer will be accepted as correct
  • Create an expression that must be entered to answer the question
  • Add a static prefix or suffix to correspond with the answer box
  • Add a second answer box or add another answer choice

Free response answers lets you evaluate equivalence or evaluate as text. Can be accurate to blank number of decimal places with an answer tolerance.

For any question, you’ll be asked to complete the required steps:

  • Name the question (This is how the question will be identified in the question folder.)
  • Select a difficulty level
  • Enter the question
  • Enter your answer(s)

For any question type you can create a multi-step question by choosing Add Another Step below each question box. Open-ended questions do not require an answer.

The toolbar located across the top offers standard editing options, as well as the ability to insert images, tables, symbols, expressions, and variable iterations into the question or answer. List of expressions, variables, symbols, and editing options.

Tutor options are listed below the question giving you the ability to add a Solution, Hint, or General Explanation Error to the question you’ve built.

Optional tutor feature allows for solution, hint, and general explain error.

The tool uses LaTeX, the common document preparation system used in many mathematics publications. The technology is so user-friendly that anyone trying out the tool for the first time will quickly become an expert.

Check out our quick video below!

Want to opt into Question Builder before it’s available for everyone? Contact your Training and Support Specialist at 1-800-426-9538 or today!

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