Tuesday Tip: Delete or replace archived questions

If you’ve been using Hawkes for a while, you may have noticed that we archive problem types that are not presenting themselves as flawlessly as others. Instead, we create newer and better versions. However, we would never want to remove anything you have assigned without your permission. By replacing the archived questions, your WebTests and curricula will contain the same objectives; this change simply ensures that students will be seeing the latest and greatest problems we offer.

Tests that have archived questions are not compatible
with the web platform, so they can’t be opened in thatA red flag is right next to the quiz title Quiz #1 Review
version of the student courseware. These tests are notated by red flags in your test list when you log into your Grade Book and go to Assignments > WebTests.

From there, you can find a full list of archived questions for each test under Manage > View Archived Cases.

The number of archived cases is listed to the write of the lesson names that are included in the WebTest.

Within the test, there is a notification message to let you know the test can only be opened in the installed platform.

Warning! There are archived questions on this WebTest. Students will need to use the installed software to complete the WebTest.

The individual archived questions are labeled with a red flag when the test is opened in Assignment Builder as well.

Preview of this question is currently not supported in the online version of the Hawkes Learning software.

These questions should be replaced in order for students to access the latest and greatest Hawkes questions and to do so from the web platform. In many cases, there are nearly identical forms of the questions that can replace the archived ones.

If the tests are no longer being used, feel free to delete them from the test list to keep your Grade Book streamlined!

Would you like our help?  Let your Training & Support Specialist know, and we can replace the archived questions for you automatically!  Howeverwe need your permission since that does mean changing questions that you have chosen in the past. Contact us at training@hawkeslearning.com. 



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