Student-Requested Temporary Access Is Here!

This summer, students have the ability to request Temporary Access at the start of the term! This option is ideal for students waiting on financial aid or placement testing to purchase course materials. They are able to start learning the material and completing lessons on day one of class.

For full semester courses, students continue to receive a grace period of 20 days. For shorter terms, students receive 10 days.

How do I enable this tool so my students can request Temporary Access?

You can set up the Temporary Access by selecting Manage Temporary Access Codes from the Tools tab.

Instructors can enable student requested temporary access by navigating to the tools tab in the Grade Book and selecting Manage temporary access codes.

You can then add the course start and end dates for each section, as well as check on how many students are utilizing Temporary Access.

**Please use the exact start date of your course when setting up Temporary Access. Doing so ensures students receive the full benefit of this grace period as they await financial aid or placement test results.**

Instructors can see each section, select course start and end dates, and see the number of temporary access codes requested by students.

Course administrators have the ability to manage all instructors’ course start and end dates, as well as lock those dates:

Instructors can make bulk changes to the course start and end dates for all sections.

These course start and end dates must be filled in before students will be able to request Temporary Access. Again, please input the exact course start date.

How do students request Temporary Access?

If they’ve never used Hawkes materials for other classes before, students will go to and select the “Create an Account” button toward the bottom:

The Create an Account button is at the bottom of the student's screen where it asks if a student is a new user.

Students then have the options of inputting the Access Code or License Number they’ve recently purchased, purchasing a permanent access code, and requesting Temporary Access.

A pop-up message shows different options to choose from: I have an Access Code or License Number; I want to Purchase Access; and Request Temporary Access.

They’ll then create an account and enroll in a section:

Students must enroll in a course in order to request temporary access. They select the product, instructor, and section, then click the enroll button.

After they select the Enroll button, a verification email will be sent to their email address, and they’ll click the link they receive to finish the enrollment process. Once they sign in, they will have access to the course!

If students have used another Hawkes product before and have login information on already, they can still request Temporary Access for a new product. They’ll need to sign in and select the Add Course button in the My Courses section:

Students will select the Add Course button in the top right next to their My Courses section of the dashboard.
Students will then select the Request Temporary Access button underneath the Courses tab, which will lead them to the enrollment step noted above.

Students then select the Request Temporary Access button underneath Settings and Add Course.

Once students purchase their materials, they will sign in and select the Activate button. Their Temporary Access will become lifetime access.

Students have an activate button underneath the Add Course section and next to the number of days they still have temporary access.

If you’d like to manage students’ Temporary Access manually and hand out codes to individual students as you do currently, that option is still available.

If you have any questions about this new Temporary Access option, please contact your Training and Support Specialist at 1-800-426-9538 or at


2 thoughts on “Student-Requested Temporary Access Is Here!

  1. Hello I’m trying to get temporary access to a code so that I can do my assignment’s and Everytime I push the direct link it doesn’t give me the option that is on these instructions . It says unsupported browser and no matter how many times I try to download the browser’s required and use a supported one it just comes back to the same screen TV I’m using an unsupported browser. Always hitting a dead end please give me a number I can call so that I can use the temporary code access and do my assignment’s. The

    • Hi, Autumn! Our number is 1-800-426-9538. Please give us a call or contact us via chat at so our Tech Support Team can help! Thank you for reaching out.

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