What did TennesSEE? It saw remediation success!

The Tennessee Board of Regents recently conducted a study of the state’s 13 public community colleges in scaling up corequisite remediation in math, reading, and writing. The study found that, although it resulted in a few small decreases in pass rates from a pilot similar to the current program, the increased corequisite remediation led to overall success for students completing credit-bearing courses compared to students who took prerequisite remedial courses in 2012.

According to Ashley Smith’s article, “Evidence of Remediation Success,” “Over all, 51 percent of students in a co-requisite math course this fall passed the college-level course, compared to 12.3 percent of students who began in a remediation course and completed a credit-bearing math class within an academic year in 2012.”

Check out the Inside Higher Ed article here or below.

Smith, Ashley. “Evidence of Remediation Success.” Inside Higher Ed. Inside Higher Ed, 5 April 2016. Web. 8 April 2016.

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