Tuesday Tip: Be a Copycat

Short on time when you have to start building another course section using Hawkes materials? We’ve got you covered with the course copy tool.

The course copy tool allows you to copy over settings from one section to another section or instructor in your Grade Book so you can skip the extra work. When you use this tool, you can copy over the following settings:

  • Hawkes Assignment Groups and grading options
  • all assigned WebTests
  • HLS lesson due dates
  • Other Assignment templates
  • curriculum
  • course materials template
  • HLS lesson late penalties
  • attendance policy
  • reminders template
  • section settings:
    • section meeting times
    • section start and end dates
    • settings allowing assignments to be completed before or after the section start and end dates
    • settings to set incomplete assignment scores to zero after the section end date
    • time of day lessons are due
    • time zone

How do you access this tool? Log into your Grade Book, then select the Tools tab. Navigate to the Manage Sections link and select your name and section. The course copy tool is on the right-hand side:

The course copy tool allows you to copy settings from another section. Select the instructor and section you wish to copy settings and assignments from.

Choose which instructor and setting you’d like to copy, then save your changes. You’ll save yourself plenty of time using this tool!

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