Rosemary Feal will step down as MLA executive director

The Chronicle of Higher Education's Peter Schmidt reported this week that Rosemary Feal will step down as executive director of the Modern Language Association of America. Feal has held the position for 15 years. While some MLA members feel she made great strides to create a more inclusive group that has adapted to the demands … Continue reading Rosemary Feal will step down as MLA executive director

Outstanding Instructor Receives Outstanding Award

Congratulations to Jeanette Underwood of Navarro College – Waxahachie Campus, who was recently awarded Employee of the Year in recognition of her dedicated service and outstanding contributions to Navarro College.  Jeanette’s enthusiasm and charisma in class and around campus encourage a positive learning environment for her students. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment, Jeanette! We … Continue reading Outstanding Instructor Receives Outstanding Award

76 Question Types to Spice Up Your Liberal Arts Math Class

The Viewing Life Mathematically courseware continues to grow! Check out some of the question types now available to you and your students. Lesson 1.1: Thinking Mathematically Help make sure students understand counterexamples with this example: Find a counterexample to the statement. The quotient of an integer and a decimal number is never an integer. There … Continue reading 76 Question Types to Spice Up Your Liberal Arts Math Class

The Student Experience

Everything—from the initial login to the final assessment—is designed with the student in mind. Students receive lifetime access to the tools they need to achieve academic excellence. Hawkes Learning’s user-friendly interface allows students to focus less on navigating the program and more on mastering the course content. A Virginia Tech student said, “The interface is … Continue reading The Student Experience

Service: The Heart of Hawkes

Training and Support Specialist Tiffany poses for a picture with three instructors from Butler Community College.

You and your students are our top priority. We’re committed to providing you with a positive experience with Hawkes, starting from the moment you begin exploring our materials to the time you’re submitting final grades for the term! No-Wait Support We take pride in our family-style service provided by knowledgeable Hawkes employees. Nobody likes waiting … Continue reading Service: The Heart of Hawkes