3 Tips on Holding Students Accountable in a Flipped Classroom

If you’ve ever taught in a flipped classroom, chances are you’ve been asked how you persuaded your students to do the pre-class work. As Dr. Barbi Honeycutt explains in her post, all instructors have had to find ways to motivate students to do homework, no matter the course structure. Since it’s so especially important for students to do the work outside of class when the structure is flipped, she put together three ideas to hold these students accountable:

  1. Make the pre-class work a “ticket” to get into class – An assignment can ask students to write down specific comments or questions after watching a video or reading a chapter. Students should then turn this paper in to get access into the class.
  2. Start a debate – Ask students to take a side on an issue outside of class. They must come prepared to explain their choice and listen to others’ arguments. Plus, Dr. Honeycutt suggests they can write down their names on a sticky note and place them on the wall that’s labeled with the side they agreed on, which will help you take attendance.
  3. Ask students to create cheat sheets – Assign a problem in class for which students can only use one “cheat sheet” they created beforehand. In the Pass the Problem scenario, students end up working together to create a master cheat sheet that builds off other groups’ work and holds students accountable as team members.

Check out the original Faculty Focus blog post here.

Honeycutt, Barbi. “Ready to Flip: Three Ways to Hold Students Accountable for Pre-Class Work.” Blended and Flipped Learning. Faculty Focus, 25 Jan. 2016. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.

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