Freshen up your Grade Book before a new term

If you’ve used Hawkes before, chances are you have one or two sections from a previous term still in your Grade Book. To start off the new term with a fresh start, we suggest you archive and reset your Grade Book. Here’s how:


Archiving your Grade Book essentially takes a snapshot of your students’ scores from the previous term. Go to the Tools tab and select Archive Grade Books.

From the Tools tab, select Archive Grade Books

Then, add a description, such as the term name, and select the instructor’s Grade Book to archive. Select the Archive Grade Book button.

Archive description is next to a box where you can type. Below are check boxes next to the names of instructors. Below is the archive grade book button.

To view your archived Grade Book, just go back to the Tools tab.

Select the View Archived Grade Books link.

You have the option of viewing all the student scores or just one individual student’s.

Spreadsheet showing, from left to right, number, student name, final grade, letter grade, lessons weight at 25%, quizzes weight at 25%, and Quiz 2.


Resetting your Grade Book gives you a clean slate. Remember that handy Tools tab? Go back there and select Reset Grade Books.

Select the Reset Grade Books link.

You then have options of what to reset. We recommend resetting the first two options, Students and student scores and Unassign HLS Lesson Due Date Templates.

Reset items in your Grade Book. Choose the instructors to reset and the Grade Book actions to be performed, such as resetting the curriculum, point values, start and end dates, and instructor messages.

Select the Reset Grade Book button, and the old sections will be deleted. Any students who were once enrolled in that section will have to re-enroll when they log back into Hawkes. If they have questions about their grades, you can refer to your archives to see how they did on their assignments.


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